November 25 2021, New York Times

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Builder of a papery nest
Brand of imported "bier"
Stadium souvenir
"Hairspray" mom
"High Sierra" co-star
Make, in math
Wood nymph / Independent person
Cold-blooded killer
"The King ___"
It gives many Scotches their smoky taste
Win at the Olympics / Cheap jewelry material
"I'd be delighted"
Impish sort
Grandson of Adam
Prophet who said "But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream"
Request from
Location for round-the-clock monitoring, in brief
Drove a golf ball / Gain strength from
___ pro nobis
Numbers game
___ Point, Calif.
Praise loudly
Old Spanish coins
Wagner heroine
Goodyear blowout / "Everything must go" event
Act of digitization
Chocolate ___
Waterworks parts / Amygdalae
Openings for "To Tell the Truth"
Frozen dessert eponym
Rapper who had an infamous rivalry with Tupac
Brand with a paw print in its logo
School board?
One of two options in five squares in this puzzle
Breaks curfew, maybe
Han Solo claims to have made the Kessel Run in less than 12 of these
PC key / Sitcom ET
Many a work by Banksy
Devote, as time
All square
Iago, under Othello
Felt something
Common default font
"Not for me"
___ Tour
Lag behind / Weak
Transmission repair franchise
Renaissance Faire adjective
Boris Johnson's alma mater
Traffic lights you can't go through
Nabokov title character
Nonprimate with fingerprints that are nearly identical to a human's
Bay window
One of two options in five squares in this puzzle
Snitched / Throw in the cards
Jamie of "M*A*S*H"
Backsplash installer
Attacks a job with gusto
Nielsen of "The Naked Gun"
Caterpillar roll ingredient
Lay to rest / Deduce
Tannery product
Zesty flavors / Part of a Dracula costume
Country with the largest population of vegetarians
"Pygmalion" author's monogram
Darn, e.g.
Land-bound bird
Glasgow-to-London dir.