November 24 2022, New York Times

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"Order waiting to be deciphered," per José Saramago
And so on
Aroused, informally
Actress Kirke of "Mozart in the Jungle"
The third
Things most cars and many clocks have
Guests may be welcomed with them
Iconic Voyager 1 photograph taken 3.7 billion miles from Earth
It has its ups and downs
Big Apple debut of 1998
They're spotted on Lucille Ball and Minnie Mouse
Car at the front of a line, maybe
I, to Homer
___ de parfum
Took to court
Beltway insider
Put on notice
Savage X Fenty product
Seems bad somehow
Begins to see a pattern
South Asian garment
Turn-of-the-century financial crisis
Pay attention to details … or a hint to filling in seven of this puzzle's squares
City of 5 million just north of Royal National Park
___ Deco
A rooster crowing before midnight, it was once believed
Like all animals in the genus Equus
"About ___ high"
Small bouquet
Not get reception?
Grown lad
Salamanca salutation
Kazakhstan's ___ Sea
Known publicly
&#[email protected], e.g.
Topical matter for the sunburned?
Olivia Rodrigo or Billie Eilish
"___ Coltrane" (1961 John Coltrane album)
Landmass once surrounded by the superocean Panthalassa
Nest egg option, for short
To a certain extent
TV stories sometimes have them
N.B.A.'s Jazz, on scoreboards
TV actor who co-starred in "Rocky III"
Song of triumph
Ones colliding in the Large Hadron Collider
Prey for polar bears
Rapper ___ Sweatshirt
Space heaters?
Bank based in the U.K.
Pound alternative
Some baked entrees
Singer with the debut single "My Bologna" (1979)
Pound alternative
Cartoonist Thomas
General in American Chinese cuisine
2006 Beyoncé album released, fittingly, on Sept. 4
Oral history
James who sang "A Sunday Kind of Love"
Folk-rock quartet whose name derives from its members' last initials
A year in Italy
Literary alter ego
Music genre for Dashboard Confessional