May 22 2020, New York Times

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Proverbs and the like
Upscale hotel amenities
The U.S.S.R., to Reagan
Opposite of slack
All over the place
What Zeus trapped Typhon under, in myth
Ena in "Bambi," e.g.
Like some bad next-door neighbors
Cause to recall?
Instrumental that might accompany a blooper reel
Natural flavorer of Scotch
When doubled, enthusiastic
Love is sometimes compared to one
Internet user's aid
Calculating sort, in brief
Eliciting an "Eww!"
Middle of Q3 on co. reports
Noted surname among 1973 Yale Law graduates
Where Warren Buffett sells an annual lunch date for charity
Soul group that did the soundtrack for "Car Wash"
Vast quantity
Island shelters?
Shakespeare's "poor venomous fool"
Not to mention?
Dogmatic sorts
Cheaper option of a tech device, maybe
Sharp quality
High light?
Select ___
Who wrote "Poetry comes fine-spun from a mind at peace"
Venice Film Festival locale
Sheet by a bed, perhaps
Basketball Hall-of-Famer Unseld
Small handful
They'll surely be mist
Losing effort
Speaking engagement?
Battlefield cry
Androcentric social system
Ena in "Bambi," e.g.
Not go anywhere
Awesome song, in modern slang
Singer Williams of the Temptations
Classic source of damask
Appropriately named brand of coolers
Title literary character who exclaims "How puzzling all these changes are!"
Relative of karate
"All systems ___!"
"Me Against the World" rapper
___ pants
Up (for)
Sought help from
Something opened in hot water
Marina frequenter, informally
Jack ___, Alec Baldwin's "30 Rock" role
___ high
Like some kites
A lot to read
Name that's 53-Across backward
Doesn't settle in advance, say
Country where Quechua and Aymara are spoken
Tab that's paid for illegally?
German grandparent
Cotton, starting in 2015: Abbr.