June 23 2022, New York Times

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South Asian, informally
"Imperial gem" mined as early as 6000 B.C.
Supplier of iron carrots in old cartoons
Islamic scholar
Make some cuts, perhaps
Tender feelings
Mood setters for a romantic dinner
What may be traded for tat
Comic actress Kristen
"My Friend ___" (classic of children's literature)
Captain Marvel, for one
Actor Cooper
Duck color
Ancient dweller of Central Asia and Eastern Europe
Some hesitations
There are 30 on an icosahedron
Photosynthetic process "inflating" 16-, 24-, 46- and 56-Across
Author of "The Bonesetter's Daughter," 2001
One of two in 2/22/22
Things "said" in doctors' offices
Texter's "hold on a sec"
Torn and ragged clothing
Feminine name that anagrams to another feminine name
Is behind
"___ one teach one" (rhyming proverb)
Prez who founded the March of Dimes
His first initial stands for "Ieoh"
Quarter-pound things at McDonald's
The Ark of the Covenant, e.g.
Fake coin
"Popular Fallacies" writer, 1826
Adam's apple locale
Sprites, but not Pepsis
Call the shots
Corresponded with, in a way
World capital on the so-called Pacific Ring of Fire
"You didn't ask, but …" to a texter
Force-ful character
Wing it
Soccer star Maradona
Mars rovers, in brief?
Like burning plastic
Early chewing gum ingredient
More submissive
60-Across output or 18-Across synonym
Where Aquaman reigns as king
Biting remarks?
Carnivorous : meat :: carpophagous : ___
Echo speaker
Often-uttered lead-in to "That's gotta hurt!"
Like Canada's maple leaf
Leave alone
___ moment
Street food favorites topped with tzatziki
It may be applied to a single digit
Sit after everyone else scooches over
Grist for the rumor mill
It may get worn out
In a position to sue, say
Readers may flip over it
Movie-themed Happy Meal, e.g.
Took notice, in a way
Comedian Margaret
Peons, metaphorically
Letter resembling Indiana University's logo
___-Ed (animated talks for kids)