June 10 2021, New York Times

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Start of an encrypted web address
"Go" follower
Hit the ___
"Color me surprised!"
Everybody: Ger.
Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael?
Contractor's fig.
___ Beach, Calif.
More treasured
Counterpart of down: Abbr.
Polishing the chandelier in "The Phantom of the Opera" and laundering uniforms in "Hamilton"?
Procrastinator's promise
Port-___ (French cheese)
Like some nail polish shades
Day following hump day: Abbr.
"The Entertainer," e.g.
"___ 2 Proud 2 Beg" (TLC hit)
Professor Moriarty's first name
Exchange for a tenner
Result of a poorly planned invasion of the Body Snatchers?
"Let's ___!"
Biological cavity
Roll-on alternative
Tuned in
Grp. with wands
"I'm tired of all this negative media coverage"?
Legendary queen once depicted on Tunisian currency
Consumers of audio and visual media only
Comedian Richter
Tessellated creatures in Escher prints
Brought on
"___ days ..."
Reason to avert one's eyes, for short
Marsh birds
X in XXX, maybe
Name that derives from the Hebrew word for "earth"
First female U.S. attorney general
X in XXX, maybe
Most expensive spice in the world by weight
Model Miranda
God depicted wearing ostrich feathers
Be a political candidate
___ Up, political group formed in response to the AIDS crisis
A little over three grains
Big name in rental cars
One- or two-person vehicles in the Olympics
Source of latex
Actress Falco
Ending of seven country names
River that starts in Pittsburgh
Finish some gift-wrapping, say
Word before black or Blue
"The only way to run away without leaving home," per Twyla Tharp
Rudolph on "S.N.L."
Carry-on limit, often
App's audience
En ___
Quality control guidelines: Abbr.
Hartman who voiced Troy McClure on "The Simpsons"
Take two
Unknown source, for short
Make, as one's way
Out of whack
It's stranded in a cell
Bobbie Gentry's "___ to Billie Joe"