July 24 2021, New York Times

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Popular brand of alcoholic seltzer
Average, maybe
One might be off the hook
Blunt end?
At bottom
French preposition
Palm products, for short
Word of indifference
Hallux, less formally
More with it
Physicist Nathan with an early theory of wormholes
Some are performed in a theater, for short
Camera setup
YouTuber's creation, informally
Certain apartment
Curry, for one
Like a masseuse's hands, often
Add to an overstuffed suitcase, say
Some spring births
French word whose plural is its English translation backward
Long, unproductive activities
Can of worms
"Spare me the details!"
Sound produced by a dental click
"___ on!"
Seven-year stretch
Findings of Myers-Briggs personality tests
Deck builder's tool
Heart diagnostic, briefly
Cold and damp
Sellers of product lines like Joxtorp and Knorrig
Asked nosy questions about
Ethnic minority in North Macedonia
Sports bet
Very, to Véronique
Racing game with speed-boosting mushrooms
Fancy cars, in modern slang
Auto pioneer Soichiro
Corrective phrase
The wrinkle in "A Wrinkle in Time" and the Cosmic Cube in Marvel Comics, for two
Discography section
With 51-Down, where solutions are kept, in brief
Eremite, e.g.
Ingredient in a classic Caesar salad
Like some hours
Track, say
Stuff that's hard to get off your chest?
Starting point of the annual Spartathlon
Show that awards plays
Pull (in)
Just what the doctor ordered, perhaps
Campaign that may involve catapults and trebuchets
Crafts supply that's difficult to clean up
Happenstance, cutely
Record producer?
Garment that might not be worn around the house
"Sailor Moon" genre
Like Frida Kahlo's art
Daughter of Metis and Jupiter, in Roman myth
Supermodel Holliday
One needing a lift?
2008 Beijing Olympics mascot
Try one's luck in, say
Garment on a tennis court
See 6-Down
___ Halliwell, real name of Ginger Spice
Certain toy, briefly
Tweedledum and Tweedledee, e.g.