July 22 2021, New York Times

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Bad singer?
Start (with)
"I kissed thee ___ I kill'd thee": "Othello"
T, as in tests
Cause to boil
Ones sporting man buns and ironic T-shirts, say
Early 1900s kitchen appliance
Closest living relatives of whales
Land of plenty?
It may get pushed back on the weekend
Aggressive campaign
Pelvic joints
Finely ground quartz
They enforce discipline among legislators
"Where'd you get that ___?"
Locations of some dives
Like park ranger's pants, often
___ Ziff, Marge's ex-boyfriend on "The Simpsons"
Kind of gland
Three sheets to the wind
Bob of "Full House"
Common bit of golf attire
Inseparable ... or like three pairs of answers in this puzzle?
Little dipper?
Can't stand
Maker of Brownie Brick Road ice cream
4 x 4
Meetings for two
Muscle targeted by military presses, in brief
___ school
Get back into shape
Come up
___ the Autopilot, inflatable balloon character in "Airplane!"
Dicing onions, mincing garlic, etc.
Symbol that Mac users get by pressing Option Shift 2
Contents of birdhouses
Home to Planck, Einstein and Heisenberg when they won their Nobel Prizes
Nightmare personified
Petite, for one
TV journalist Pressman with a Peabody and 11 Emmys
Freudian topics
State since 1845: Abbr.
Noticeably unfriendly
Does a groundskeeper's job
Exhibited relief, in a way
Smart ___
Dorm room feature
Tel. number add-ons
It can be heavier in the summer
Rodentlike relative of a rabbit
Condition that fidget tools can help with, for short
Bring up
Not stay neutral
Compete in a Summer Olympics event
Stephen of "The Crying Game"
Most asinine
Deal sealers
Particular, for short
Upper echelon
Took performance-enhancing drugs
Caught on audio
Like some high-fiber cereal
Changing fortune, metaphorically
Texter's farewell
Biblical verb with "thou"
E.P.A.-banned pesticide