July 21 2021, New York Times

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All-time leading scorer for the Lakers, familiarly
Modern-day horse-and-buggy users
Bird with a reduplicative name
Old pro
Raucous music style similar to boogie-woogie
Big Dance org.
Action after a bad golf drive
"Don't make me eat that!"
Bolivian capital
Got an A on
State in Tornado Alley: Abbr.
Overhead cost of manufacturing?
___ du jour (bistro special)
'50s campaign button name
Fanciful ideas
Become rusted
Seminal punk band, with "the"
Potato ___ (appetizer)
Nap sack?
Lowest-ranking G.I.
Island WNW of Molokai
Wall St. credential
Who said "The only difference between me and the Surrealists is that I am a Surrealist"
Spaces (out)
Studied (up on)
___ Reader
The titular Nelsons of a classic sitcom
Dish with tomatoes and mozzarella
Animal whose name consists of the postal codes of two states it passes in its migration
British meat pie
Nest protest
Cold War inits.
Hybrid citrus fruits
Native American canoe material
Columnist Klein
"That's not impressing me"
Response to "Who wants some?"
"Law & Order" spinoff, for short
Bucks and bulls
Blue state?
Partner of confused
This clue number minus deux
Large unit of resistance
Like some insensitive remarks, for short
Encompassed by
Give a pointer?
Info on a dating profile
Bundle up
Super-hoppy craft brew
Make easier to recite, as the Great Lakes via HOMES
Vodka cocktail with cranberry and grapefruit juice
Available to watch, in a way
Speckled coat
Wild guess
Bit of sweet talk
Take by force
Construction vehicle, informally
___ Day, Down Under holiday
U2 frontman
It costs about twice as much if it's round
European peak
Actress Vardalos
Some N.F.L. linemen: Abbr.
It can be tipped ... or collect tips
Restaurant water choice