January 6 2020, New York Times

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Leave empty
One of 17-, 18-, 37-, 60- or 62-Across
Saudi ___
Director Kazan
"Pick a card, ___ card"
Pistol, slangily
Upper-body garment that's not tucked in
Source of solar energy
Zipped ... or ripped
Like the waistband on underwear
___ rule (typically)
The "p" of r.p.m.
Like driftwood or a has-been
Ill-tempered, as a baby
Gear tooth
Brain test, for short
More protected by a tree's leaves
The "A" in DNA
Beat poet Ginsberg
Fall behind
Post-W.W. II alliance
___ Gorbachev, former first lady of the Soviet Union
Hi-___ monitor
Termite look-alike
Mark left by a whip
Be successful in the end
Director Spike
Breyer's competitor
Spelling of a word that's not the usual: Abbr.
Salad green
Beach huts
Not much
Make a knot
Part of Manhattan where the United Nations is located
Actress Davis
Upstate New York city south of the Finger Lakes
Nephews' counterparts
Part of a cigarette rating
Runs, as a horse
Puts up with
Genre of the Edgar Awards
Actor's representative: Abbr.
Rough, as an 11-Across
Home of Arizona State University
SAG-___ (Hollywood union)
Woodrow Wilson was the only U.S. president to have one
Not new
Noes' opposites
Alcoholic drink that's often flavored with fruit
Event ending in -gate
Illegal import from Colombia
Shake up
Airplane wing feature
Shell-less marine invertebrate
Unit of energy
Made, as an income
"With pleasure"
___ Pérignon
Top 10s, e.g.
Hindu queen
Be in debt
"Let's ___!" (cry after grace)
Hog's home