January 16 2020, New York Times

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White pizza topping
Green bits of ornamentation
Masala ___ (hot beverage)
Bestower of the Movies for Grownups Awards
Keep the beat, in a way
Parts of a nuclear reactor
Where Miners have majors
Type of fluffy wool
___ surgeon
Word following sing or play
Furrowed feature
Wait on
Tribal leaders
Language that's the source of "gesundheit"
Uber alternative?
___ Day and the Knights ("Animal House" group)
"___ it!" ("Hush!")
Place for a bench
Ancient name for Ceylon
Terse rebukes
Invite to the roof, say
Like a desk that's a sign of genius, it's said
Gobbledygook, metaphorically
Flight schedule abbr.
The mister, affectionately
N.L. East city, on scoreboards
Lithuanian, e.g.
In the worst way
Neighbor of an Arkansawyer
It has cork and a bell
1950s-'70s football star nicknamed "The Golden Arm"
Part of a pot
Bra brand
Stop waffling
Fight protractedly
E, F and G, but not H
Opposite of the point?
Collectors' goals
Animals, collectively
Face-plant, say
Ice cream cone, e.g.
Breakfast cereal in a green box
Routine activity?
Beer ___
On the ___ (frequently, in slang)
Skater Midori
"I don't want to hear it"
Sounds made by fans
Lena of "Cabin in the Sky"
Firefighter Red
Lands in the sea
Hawaiian fish with a palindromic name
Ending with pay
Squiggle on a musical score
Ends up with
Sci-fi forest dweller
Trees with red berrylike fruit
Funnyman Brooks
Piece of furniture often covered with crinkly paper
Study of rocks
What five answers in this puzzle do phonetically, in defiance of their clues?
Language of the Canadian Arctic
Conciliatory gesture
Window frame
"Sup, bro!"
Yellowstone attraction
Work on a tablet
Bay Area athlete, for short
Kane of "All My Children"
Sightings in the Himalayas
English city where the Who once recorded a top 5 live album
11-Across and others
Bumbling bunch