January 14 2022, New York Times

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One playing second fiddle, perhaps
St. Louis clock setting, briefly
Move a cursor across
Where to try out some gunpowder?
Italian verse form
"Cars 2" competitor ___ Bonn
___ Academy, organization for self-paced education online
Kicked butt
They can be friendly while patronizing
Not allowed to go back, say
Author of "What I Know for Sure," familiarly
Place of rest away from everything
___ Jones
What purple prose and technical jargon have in common
Donations for life?
Modern source of juice
Summer sip suffix
Build-your-own IHOP order
Responds to an alarm, in a way
They outrank viscounts
Dandy accessories
Stir-fry recipe step
"Cool it!"
Abbr. near zero
Assents asea
Sith superpower
"This better not get out"
When repeated, an expression of disapproval
Playing God?
Headwear for many a barbershop quartet singer
Google Docs feature
Org. whose initials are found in "unsafe," ironically
Hotels have ones in front
One who's light-headed?
Footwear brand
Osaka and others
Bit of work
Hybrid fair fare
2013 Macklemore/Ryan Lewis hit with the lyric "And I can't change, even if I tried"
Conflict that may involve sanctions
Got together
DoorDash designation
Shifted in a theater, say
Once-ler's opponent in a Dr. Seuss book
When repeated, call to someone going to bed
Go gaga for
Choice in a cabin
"Please ___" (printed request)
World of ___
It's a challenge
Skill event that might follow barrel racing
Bath water unit
Like the universe
Fail to be
"___ Enchanted" (2004 romantic comedy)
...: Abbr.
Miroir image?