January 1 2020, New York Times

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"Sounds exciting," sarcastically
First verb in the Lord's Prayer
Pages (through)
Commercial follower of "-o-"
Employer of nurse sharks?
Name spelled out in a Kinks hit
Laudatory lines
___ Claire, Wis.
Delicacy in a tiny spoon
Fig. in the form XXX-XX-XXXX
"It's green and slimy" and "It tastes like the ocean"?
Climate agreement city
Site of the fall of man
Late Saudi journalist Khashoggi
"With this ring, I ___ wed"
Crushing setback
Seal the deal
Big scare of a couple of decades ago ... or a phonetic hint to this puzzle's theme
Sign away
Own (up)
"___ mío!" (Spanish cry)
Storied toymakers
Less colorful
Nerd's goal on a dating app?
Yodeler's peak
Ciaos at luaus
Fruit in some gin
Animal relative of a hinny
Pointy bill or tail feathers?
Dr. ___, film enemy of Austin Powers
Bring up ... or something that might be brought up
Unidentified person, in slang
Climax in "Hamilton"
Having a body mass index over 30, medically
Actor Edward James ___
State of mind
Jokey parts of prank calls, often
Sci-fi travelers, for short
Presidential advisory grp.
Times New Roman alternative
Accumulated, as expenses
"Jeez, I did NOT need to know that!"
Fictional sport whose rules are invented during play
Sarge's superior
Something a bride or groom might acquire
Fruit from an orchard
Give in (to)
Levi's alternatives
One of 17 Monopoly properties: Abbr.
Traditional wedding wear, for some
Really needs a bath, say
Complained angrily and loudly
What "choosy moms choose," in ads
Knot-___ (scout's skill)
Necessity for life, chemically speaking
Be a hermit, say
Supreme leaders
Five-time Pro Bowl receiver Welker
Not as bright
Itinerary word
T.A.'s overseer
Having renown
Message on a candy heart
"Cross my heart!"
Pops, to tots
Things that might make one cry "Foul!"?
Black tea variety
Promoter of Teacher Appreciation Week: Abbr.
Sellout show inits.