December 4 2020, New York Times

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One who takes stock
Can you believe it?!
Fear of public places
Sticky stuff
Tending (to)
Half of a frozen foods brand
Makes a splash
Tapes, say
Trees symbolizing death in Celtic culture
Speculative fiction writer Stephenson
Go away
Before thou knowest
Company that owns Rotten Tomatoes
Neighbor of Ciudad Juárez
On a par with
6-9 months?
They're involved in the scheme of things
File extensions
1986 sci-fi film sequel
Pair of skivvies?
Writers Patchett and Brashares
Choppered in or out, say
Figure that goes through the roof in December?
QB's stat: Abbr.
Director of two Best Picture-nominated films of the 2010s
Issa of comedy
"Unforgettable ... With Love" Grammy recipient
Lineup on a city block
Absurdly exaggerated
As yet
Sets off
Young woman
Brand for determining if you're expecting
World's deepest river
Survivor at the end of "Hamlet"
Long-legged waders
Fifth of fünf
Steely Dan singer Donald
1973 Jim Croce hit
Rage quitter, maybe
Tavern in the same town as Krusty Burger
Leaves home?
It bears repeating
View from a highland
Long-legged waders
Communicates nonverbally, in a way
Ending with love or snooze
Powerful spirits
British P.M.'s residence, informally
Young woman
Things to draw or cast
Los Angeles suburb bordering Griffith Park
Sticky stuff
Not on time for
Communicates nonverbally, in a way
One of the racing Andrettis
Like a prize that's still up for grabs
Wooden leg?
Venerable advisers
Org. whose website has a Social Security Resource Center
School house?
Tarot reader, e.g.
Tweet attachment, at times