August 13 2019, New York Times

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Diana who led the Supremes
Masked man's sidekick on old TV
Norwegian city with the Munch Museum
"Hey Diddle Diddle" runaway
Rich supply of ore
Safe for youngsters
One of five Greats
Ledecky who has been named World Swimmer of the Year five times
Bill killer's position
Cookout crashers
Bit of salt
Shankar with a sitar
Computer company with a Predator line
Soothing lotion ingredient
Valuable bar at Fort Knox
Actress Arthur with a Tony for "Mame"
See 23-Down
Kind of testing done at
Rodeo rope
"Turf" half of surf and turf
Outside surface
Deep-sea fishing nets
Yoked pair in a field
Flight amenity that costs extra
Backbone of a boat
Zesty chip dip
Savings plans for one's later years, in brief
Hit the jackpot
Old camera need
Oklahoma city named for an "Idylls of the King" woman
Class for U.S. citizen hopefuls, in brief
Disgustingly dirty
Pols like Pelosi
Alternative to rap and R&B
Fed. monitor of workplace hazards
Narrow cut
More substantial
Small recipe amt.
Founder of Harpo Productions
Common lunchtime
Drinking spree
Droplets seen early in the day
Tend to some p's and q's, say
Golfer's bagful
Cause to expand, as bread
College V.I.P.
With 38-Across, like Romeo and Juliet ... and like the shaded words?
Expensive dark fur
Tool for a Himalayan climber
Lowest in importance
Baffling question
Musical pause
Based on major and minor scales
H.R.s and R.B.I.s
Bitten-into apple, for Apple
Apple throwaway
"Cómo ___ usted?"
Gender discrimination
Made do despite difficulties
Finishes, as a cartoon
Move up
Desdemona, to Othello
Flower named for a goddess
Sicilian tourist draw
Prohibition and Victorian periods
Throws into the mix
Critically important