May 4 2021, LA Times

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Like many superheroes
Paper items
Rock-blasting equipment
Kind of acid used in food flavoring
Dos x dos x dos
Indian garb
Origami academy?
Chimney liner
Victorian, e.g.
Physicist who left Italy in 1938 to protect his Jewish wife
Exhaust from the carnival food tent?
Hand over
Small wake maker
Cowboy, at times
Scary beach phenomenon?
Pitcher with no arms
Forest grazers
Garment tailored to flatter your waist?
Growing things
Quotable boxer
Divisive politician?
Filmmaker born Konigsberg
Nickname derived from "Mortgage Association"
Glasses, in adspeak
Boldness, and a hint to five long puzzle answers
Yonder thing
Hawaiian island
She turned Odysseus' crew to swine
Antoinette preposition
Highland hats
Toys on strings
Tea and cake purveyor
Deity with a bow
Rice dish
Set of related documents
Optimism opposite
Prefix suggesting affordability
Journalist's question
Fa-la link
Factory equipment, e.g.
"The Piano" extra
Publicity video
Peaceful protest
Electrical supply
Symbols of wealth
Meat cut
Exit __
Penalty caller
Talkative "Winnie the Pooh" character
Edible sphere
Unappealing viscous material
The Beatles' "I Saw __ Standing There"
Org. using wands
Aria, usually
Royal annoyance?
Biblical brother
Orator's skill
Fertile Crescent waterway
Farming prefix
Some protests
Top dog
Unarmed, to a cop
Modern messages
End of a giant sequence
Nail-filing abrasive
With the bow, on a score
Life-saving pro
Airport org.
Spanish uncle