May 15 2019, LA Times

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Passport stamps
Improvised knife
MRI output
Capital of Ghana
"Say Anything..." actress Skye
"__ and Abel": Jeffrey Archer novel
Sports page table
Plaza payment
Feel remorse over
Winter hrs. in St. Louis
Blog entry
Dissociative condition
"Who __ to complain?"
Woman college basketball coach Summitt with an NCAA record 1,098 career wins
Nairobi's country
Insulin-producing gland
Left or right ending
Makes a case for, with "of"
Knot-tying vow
Like big lottery winners, presumably
__ pad
Old Mideast org.
Reggae precursor
Intraoral piercing
Brightness nos.
6-Down's sib
River swimmers
Talk show drop-by ... and a literal feature of 17-, 25-, 37- and 49-Across
Char on a grill
Popular Google service
Singer from County Donegal
Leaf under a petal
Actor Kilmer
Floe makeup
Perform like Ella
Insider lingo
TV lawyer Goodman
54-Across' sib
Going nowhere, career-wise
Playhouse, say
Navigate slopes
High-kicking dance
Showing insecurity
Snapple rival
Wee toymaker
Matching office accessories
Shortstop Vizquel with 11 Gold Glove Awards
__ the crack of dawn
House-warming option
Aquarium beauty
Stage prompting
That, in Toledo
Online chats, briefly
Subdued hue
"Simple as can be"
__ torch: luau light
What a tattoo may cover
Mark of shame
Kitchen toppers
Put into power
2019 Pebble Beach event
"Weeds" law org.
Moth attractor
Units of energy
__ Poke: retro candy
Time to remember
"Homeland" org.
Turn in the plumbing