March 26 2020, LA Times

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Puts at ease
Pinot alternative
Something about a painting?
Ryan of "Paper Moon"
Paint choice
*Mechanical plaything
Ambulance gp.
Quick inhalation
Horseshoe-shaped letter
Pennant __
*Dark as can be
Patronizes, in a way
"Insecure" actress/writer Issa __
Enero, por ejemplo
Foil alternative
Rock's __ Supply
Campus suffix
*Duke led one
Keeps in the email loop
Litter's littlest
Chef's dish words
Med. country
Web page banners
*Nursery rhyme arachnophobe
Cause friction
Be up against
Diner slice
Scoville unit food
Ump's call, often based on a sequence found in the answers to starred clues
Muscle beach bro
When left turns are rarely allowed
Off-mic comment
Furry foot
Fills up
Hides in fear
Do some work at Pixar
Protective camera piece
Whack over the wall
Keep a Persian company, perhaps
Take in, as a Persian
Huck Finn, for one
Served blazing
"Bolero" composer
In the ballpark?
Interoffice no.
Bear whose bed was too hard
Maureen of "Rio Grande"
Focuses on, as the catcher for signals
Bed with sliding sides
Sunflower St. school
Patch, perhaps
Ticket price determinant, at times
A single Time?
Soft ball
New Deal agcy.
Engine part
Trite expressions
Bento box selection
Jazz festival site
One learning the ropes
"Nothing's wrong"
Bar mitzvah language
Notions case
Races round the bases
Caesar __
Mufti's proclamation
17 of Laila Ali's wins, for short
"Bambi" doe