March 15 2020, LA Times

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Just one of the fam
Quayle successor
Part of PBR
Brazilian dances
1881 face-off spot
"... only God can make __": Kilmer
How some bills are paid
Costuming choice for a "Cats" performance?
Move to protect a king
Put away
Mag. edition
"Hulk" director Lee
Retired flier, briefly
Fair-hiring abbr.
Narrow inlets
Crowded subway metaphor
Prince in "Frozen"
Proctor's nightmare?
Tree surgeon's challenge?
Just right
Yucatán's yesterday
Reeves of "Point Break"
Self-descriptive adjective
Prof's assistants
One skilled at squandering?
"Mamma Mia!" song
See 87-Down
Midori in a rink
Brother of Macaulay and Rory
Like each succeeding eye chart line
Broad bean
Fathered, biblically
Sweeping thoroughfare?
Mont Blanc's range, to its west
News source, perhaps
Pool slip-up
Author of kids' Busytown books
Showing faith in
Bit of animation
"We're gonna be late!"
Expert on current energy options?
Classic ending?
"Mi __ es tu __"
Wide receiver Don who played in five Super Bowls
Shanghai money
Part of a Norwegian-sounding ice cream name
Dud of a car that Stephen King might write about?
Chophouse bandit?
All over
Lasagna layer
More than half
H.S. dropout's goal
Small shot
Piece of TNT?
First lady Hoover
Garlicky spread
"Aladdin" backdrop
Lazy son, vis-à-vis his lazy dad?
They bite
Sleep disorder
Prominent Syrian family
Bette's "Divine" nickname
Editor's backpedaling
Self starter?
What's underfoot?
DIY furniture brand
Robbie Coltrane, e.g.
Curling stone
Hockey great
Salad slice
Some annexes
Kung __ chicken
Rose oil
1971 Peace Prize awardee
Golfer Garcia
Talks acronym
Unleashes (on)
Med school subj.
Mic wielders
Flat-bottomed boat
Comparable in distance
"Blimey!" cousin
Run or work
English homework
Rocker Bob
Blackjack holding
"Up and __!"
Zap in the kitchen
Indoor buzzer?
Sporty muscle cars
Milk Dud rival
"CSI" actor George
Egg-hunt holidays
Sells aggressively
__ B'rith
Deluge result, perhaps
The best one is airtight
Ending for hip
Bilbao bulls
Con game, say
Roof edge
Genetic strands
Cookbook author DiSpirito
Protective shot
Dutch wheels
Diner menu staples
MIT Chapel designer Saarinen
Caesar's France
Writer of really old stories?
Valiant's son
German wine region
Abstract expressionist Mark
Chihuahua choo-choo
Stuffing stuff
Well offshore
Reb's rival
Transmitting truckers
Sphere opener
With 58-Across, area with severely declining industry
Bar in Baja
Dickens title starter
Verbal attack
First European to sail to India
Juarez winter months
Gold and silver
Well-armed swimmers?
Shutout feature
Good luck charm
Fork "fingers"
Frequent flier
Singer Lance, or the part he sang with *NSYNC
Leftover scraps
Check out creepily
Island chains
Ticks off
Barnyard bleat
Thanksgiving tuber
Whale group
World Cup cry