March 15 2019, LA Times

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No-way man?
Shade-loving plant
At Dodger Stadium, briefly
Playwright Fugard
London's __ Park
Walk, e.g.
Electrical problem
"Makes sense to me"
High-quality tennis venue?
Made amends
Fireplace shelf
Noteworthy stretch
Legal tender with an 8-Down
Kind of network
Well-known boxing venue?
Udon cousin
Texting format, briefly
Virtual golf venue?
Early morning hr.
Catch sight of
Maple output
Art nowadays?
MLB player nickname since 2005
Em, for one
Attractive soccer venue?
Starting word containing five of the letters of what it starts
Street __
Fashionable Christian
Ship's spine
Like the Marx Brothers
Trade shows
Loudness unit
Something to put together
Running by itself
Comfy shoe
Polished off
Orthodox Jewish sect
Emperor after Galba
Toots in a restaurant
Statue of Liberty feature
Pennsylvania railroad city
Spinning sound
Frenzied state
Suffix with ox-
Middle of Venezuela?
"The Scarlet Letter" letter
Means of getting around town
Summoned, in a way
Pond growth
Odds-and-ends abbr.
St. __ Fire
More susceptible to sunburn
Sectional __
Words before before
Very long time
Da __, Vietnam
Spring (from)
Raid targets
Word after Double in a cookie name
Assembly with speakers?
Quinn of "Annie"
Fax ancestor
Steals, in British slang
Out of kilter
Md. athlete
__ facto
Wood shaper
Routing term