August 4 2020, LA Times

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Delicate, like curtain fabric
"Divine" nickname for singer Bette
Muslim prayer leader
Farmland measure
"Star Wars" droid
Flexible mineral sheet
Rings like church bells
Actor Baldwin
UFO crew, it's said
Cap'n's mate
Measure of a celeb's popularity
Arnaz-Ball studio
Bikini specs
Lit __
Field of knowledge
Use a shovel
"Suzanne" songwriter Leonard
Vein contents
New York governor Andrew
Set right
Rx writers
Chopin composition
Tried to outrun
Away from the bow
Crockett's "Miami Vice" partner
Noah's project
Top of the line
"The __ From Ipanema"
Skylit courts
"My turn"
Den music system
Went like the dickens
Narc's org.
Everest or Rushmore
Rhine city
Jason's ship
View from the moon
Furry Endor creature
Othello, for one
Sandwiches for dessert
Raggedy dolls
Put on, as cargo
Less than right, angle-wise
*Verify using multiple sources
Plan, as a route
*Gadget function typical of most similar gadgets
Note after fa
Muslim temple
All-in-one Apples
Venus de __
Asian laptop brand
Riot squad spray
*Many a get-together
*Four-dimensional mathematical system
Goddess of peace
Top of a wave
Blackjack bet ... and a hint to the answers to starred clues
Website with film info
"And So It __": Billy Joel
Siena sweetheart
Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan __
Yemeni neighbor
Words from Juliet
Saddle bands
Gas from the Greek for "strange"
Wartime vehicles
Poi root
Start of a conclusion
Aware of
Blade in the water
Actress Arthur