August 30 2020, LA Times

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Did gondola duty
"Today" rival, briefly
Short staff?
Dollar alternative
Short trip
Alpha's antithesis
Beat in the kitchen
"Wait ... let me start over"
Najimy who voiced Peggy Hill in "King of the Hill"
Bad look
Heckle, but not Jeckle
The "P" in PIN: Abbr.
Unilever swab
Old manuscript copier
Scalpel sites, for short
Polynesian wrap
To the point
Spa sounds
Early pictures
Some online reads
Diamond surfaces
Georgia gridders, to fans
"Ginger __": 1952 Newbery Medal-winning book
"Spring forward" letters
School reunion attendee
Car radio button
Oxygen-eating bacteria
Asian festival
Gets dirty
Busy center
Uncle Sam's land, proudly
Bunny tail
Coral component
Big shot: Abbr.
Cellar, but not collar, opening
Belief common to much religion
"Explain, please?"
Western PA airport code
Disappearing retail giant
Hosp. readouts
Lodge opening?
Patel of "Slumdog Millionaire"
Gets one's feet wet
Milne hopper
First novel in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle
Sign of a hit
Wks. and wks.
Platters in sleeves
Puts down
911 pro
Culture: Pref.
Friend of Goat in "Pearls Before Swine"
Some skippers
Flock hangout
List-shortening term
Sticks on a boat
Boat owner's rental
Flat owner, maybe
Fitness mantra opening
Method for slow, steady progress
Like a fleabag motel
Asian wraps
Dusk, to Donne
__ dish
Half of scissors?
Hacking targets: Abbr.
Sellout letters
Beach toys
Early Mesoamerican sculptors
It may be golden
Some retired academics
Karmann __: classic VW
President before an Adams
Eponymous newborn score creator
Sauces for sushi
Yoga syllables
Lustful looker
Comics cry from a birdcage
Member of three L.A. Lakers championship teams
Feeling ecstatic
Stadium merch
Uses a Zoom alternative
"Hair" dos
First name of Dickens' Madame Defarge
Ed.'s stack
Dudley's toon foe
Make every effort
Brother of Ham
Fancy poultry dish
Retired fliers: Abbr.
Superior to all others
Sheepish girl?
Gentrification target
Negative forecast
Campaign funders
Alaskan native
"SNL" staples
Took a breather
Heat up
O'er and o'er again
Features of urns
Loosens, as a tot's pajamas
Soft hits just over the infield
Big name in tennis
Carpenter's groove
Sierra __
LGBT History Mo.
"__ a loss"
Remote area known for its middle?
Hermione's guy
Stream blockers
Assumed names
Paging devices
Family dinner fowl
Half of some couples
Hershey's caramel candies
A time to dye
Granada girls
It's a sign
__ Park, Colorado
Christine of "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood"
Like radon, say
Home on high
Kick starter?
L, in box scores
"What a mess!"
TV's Burrell and baseball's Cobb
Ocean flipper
Back (out)