August 3 2020, LA Times

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Like "le" in Fr. or "el" in Sp.
Scissors sound
Stuffed shirts
Utah ski resort that means "high"
Statistician Silver
__ buddy
High-intensity indoor cycling group
Video game name for nearly 50 years
Bar mitzvah scroll
Variety show bit
Cinderella's ride
Barrio grocery
Many a Monopoly prop.
"Agree totally!"
Company correspondence ... and a hint to the abbreviation hidden in 17-, 24-, 52- and 66-Across
Protein-building acid
Settles a bill
Epitome of slipperiness
Bath fixture with claw feet, perhaps
__ Vision: eye care chain
Pipe unclogger
500 sheets of paper
Scratching post users
Duo Hall & __
Gillette razors
Feature of New York-style pizza
Jotted (down)
Lamarr of old films
Mandatory bet
Nine-player chamber group
Part of GE: Abbr.
Overflow (with)
Sail holder
Friskies sister brand
Pudding recipe direction
Cocktail party nibble
NBC skit show
Rights org. since 1909
"Not to worry"
Joe of "Home Alone"
Agcy. that helps startups
Just fair
Japanese port
Antiseptic acid type
Worker suffix with black or silver
Drink all at once
Gothic novelist Radcliffe
Puzzle with paths
Group bowing to a curtain call
Ali __
Egg cell
Arnaz of early TV
Deadly viper
Awareness-raising TV ad: Abbr.
Leaper in a tractor company logo
Hershiser of baseball
Land in the ocean
Very personal
Part of speech after "the," often
Sports bar channel
Discreetly send a dupe email to
Fair-hiring agcy.
Noah's landfall
In style again
Composer Copland
Wood shop tool
"I Love Lucy" role
Actor-to-audience remark
Bring into pitch
90° from norte
Wineglass support
Good to go
Five-bor. city