August 24 2020, LA Times

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LBJ's vice president
Sponsor's tube spot
Dracula stabber
Tic-tac-toe winner
One-on-one teacher
Fifth scale note
*A total failure "goes over like" one
Arena overhead view provider
Cowpoke's "okay"
Tattoo artist's array
Stares open-mouthed
Violent storm
Eaten away by rust, say
More, in Mexico
Once more
Weather guy Al
__ and cheese
Bird-related ... four of them have landed at the ends of the answers to starred clues
April 1 "honoree"
Slim fish often smoked
Joltless java brand
Tips container
Leather bookbinding material
Type of pub named for its unglamorous appearance
Blind pieces
Greek goddess of discord
Greek T
Financial word before year or policy
*Hotel chain with a geographical name
Beer named for Washington's capital, briefly
Prefix with national
Covers with asphalt
Was victorious
Roe source
__ Luthor, Superman nemesis
Bulky "Bonanza" brother
"Peter Pan" captain
*Last Supper cup
Focused on a subject, as a crossword
By way of
Artist Warhol
First appearance
Cards, in box scores
"Tiptoe Through the __"
Make things right
Dadaist Max
Apply carelessly
Theoretical missing links
West Indies native
Dish up, as a dish
St. Patrick's mo.
Zoo enclosure
Look at creepily
Washing, as the dishes
Bout-ending blows
*Monastic hood
Golfer Isao
Scottish family
Fizz up, as water
Protests by not eating
Saloon bill
Oil leak blemishes
Court clown
Director Hitchcock
Kind of bank card
Goodnight woman of song
Panoramic view
Carpenter's files
Home of the Jazz
Natural burn balm
Bobcat, e.g.
Dryly humorous
Little __, singer of the #1 hit "The Loco-Motion"