August 21 2020, LA Times

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For that reason
Mekong River land
"Settle down!"
"Banjo on my knee" song of 1848
Weapon for Spain's Philip II
Female beast that sounds like a river
__ chi
The Byrds
Top often with an image
Showing presently
Power source
Gp. with related interests
Provides a buffet, say
Disease namesake
Staff figures
Object of a detective's quest
"The Birds"
Organ with a hammer
Root that's a source of tapioca
Hip-hop star Green
Butcher's offering
Many in Caltech's faculty
Like troublesome mascara
Forest grazers
Indian music
Aurora's Greek counterpart
P-like letter
Atlanta sch. fielding the Panthers
"Major Crimes" force, briefly
"And giving __, up the chimney ... "
Without siblings
Encl. to an editor
Eggs on crackers, perhaps
Starting places
Little on "The Wire"
Running behind
Loving exchanges
Works on a route
Mailing label words
Westernmost Aleutian Island
Granola relative
Like some hotel thermostats
Sch. with an Asheville campus
Genetic molecule
Insensitive, in a way
Gyrate like Cyrus
Neighbor of Arg.
Actress Milano
"Whatever you want"
Spray with a hose
It has Giants but not Titans: Abbr.
Mythical aerial menace
Roman sun god
Order to soldiers
Hollowed-out area
Algerian port
With less delay
Ozone-depleting chemicals, briefly
Donor drive target
Browser's find
Ward of "House"
Candy __
Burnoose-wearing leader
Word with sea or seed
Leaves for a spot
38-Across relative
CIA relative