August 17 2020, LA Times

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Storied December shelf dweller
Kind of gun that catches speeders
Burning crime
Pooh pal in a pouch
Spanish month
Colorful tank fish
Cow call
Baked mac and cheese, for many
When an after-lunch meeting might start
Blender maker
Deux halved
Ones paid to play
Something that affects a result
Hit pay dirt
Issue, as light
Memo opening words
Kid's bear
Willy Wonka portrayer Wilder
Doctor's order?
__ avis
Leading the league
Plant stem joint
Of the mouth
"Aladdin" song whose title lyric follows "You ain't never had a"
Social blunders
Carded at the door, briefly
Christian sch. in Tulsa
One way to read
TV host Gibbons
Buried record for future generations
OED book, e.g.
Newborn's lack, usually
Big name in racing
With 60-Down, on one's game ... and hint to the start of this puzzle's longest answers
Analyze, as ore
Fills fully
"__ Misérables"
Funny Bombeck
Pirate's take
Clue in the mud
Fix dinner?
15-Across starts it
Free game version, maybe
Lab greetings
Word with square or cube
What opposites do, it's said
NBA official
Dark beer
Maine campus town
Consumer advocate Ralph
APR-reducing loan
Bad loan, to an accountant
Cinco y uno
Nation within Oklahoma
Utah lily
IRS enforcers
Test for fit in the changing room
Double-check, as totals
Stunt double, e.g.
Wee bit o' whisky, say
Clinton's alma mater
Prefix with pad
Puerto Rico, por ejemplo
"I __ go!": "Ciao!"
Astrological Ram
Running on __: weary
Numbered work
Ensign-in-training inst.
Tidy up a bit
See 68-Across
Woeful cry
LAX calculation
"To Kill a Mockingbird" author Harper