August 14 2020, LA Times

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Peak on the 1,000-yen note
__ bod
Sign not always recognized
"Sanford and Son" son
Wool coat wearer
Drove by the campsite?
Hist. majors' degrees
Half a cocktail hour pair
Winery sight
It may be proven in court
Johann Sebastian and Johann Christian?
Soap opera plot staple
Kemper who plays Kimmy Schmidt
Car stat
Big game, say
Carpenter's work station?
Scotch-Brite cleaning product
9, at times: Abbr.
Race unit
First name on a 1945 bomber
Polite response
Bird popularity surveys?
Presidents take them
Song and dance
Pod resident?
"Picnic" dramatist
Fifth-century date
Wildebeests coming to a screeching halt?
Get ready to drive, with "up"
Place for a shot
Surg. facilities
Location query opener
Viewed warily
Thurman of the 2005 film "Prime"
Having fun
Shoe part
Apt. house
__ grass
Breitling competitor
Relating to pitches
Between, in Brest
Drying-out hurdle
Total disaster
Loaded with
It might contain an inbox
Tolkien creatures
Have a cow
School of whales
Foul line watcher, at times
Water conduits
Red-rooted plant, usually
Food chain letters
Flying formation
Athletic awards
Some tablets
It may be quantum
Resident's suffix
In reality
Awaiting shipment
Donald Duck and Winston Churchill wear them
Bulbs' pre-bloom condition
Sound of delight
U.K. leaders
Musical number
Smith who played Violet on "Downton Abbey"
Part of OWN
James, since 2018
1,000 Holidays
Texter's "just so you know"
Hawaiian strings
Barrett of Pink Floyd