August 14 2019, LA Times

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Break down noisily
Living things
Lab eggs
"Bewitched" witch
Vigorous spirit
2018 giant shark film, with "The"
*1930 Faulkner novel
Enlightened Buddhist
"... __ many ways"
Letter between zeta and theta
*1986 Chris de Burgh hit, with "The"
Patio furniture maker
Defiant comeback
Thrown out of the game
Time zone word: Abbr.
Money left on a diner table
Score often requiring overtime
*Wits, when scared out of you
Unfavorable review
__-Cat: winter vehicle
Group of nine until 2006
Grated together, as teeth
DeGeneres who voices Dory
*Hit below the belt
Bird in 2019 Liberty Mutual commercials
Apple discard
Small amounts
Popular newspaper puzzle, and a hint to what's hidden in the answers to starred clues
Cal. pages
Humerus neighbor
"Tamerlane" poet
Cribbage pieces
Hospital fluids
Shade of blue
Mogadishu natives
Capital on the Tigris
Middle of dinner?
Ugandan dictator Amin
"Thank U, Next" singer Ariana
Puts into words
2010 Mark Twain Prize winner Tina
Incompatible with
Hiker's flask
Fighting words?
Museum tour guide
"Atlas Shrugged" writer Rand
"Just a bit longer"
Highly paid pitchers, typically
Host between Jack and Jay
Domino dot
Swede's neighbor
Crazy (over)
Step on the gas
Like many barbershop quartets
Goes for crustaceans
Small laptop
Wandering journey
Christmas tree choice
Puff __: venomous African snakes
Elton John's title
Madagascar primate
Spanish eyes
Vegas opening
__-ray Disc
Fugitive's flight