September 16 2020, Daily Pop Crosswords

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"How Far ___ Go" (song from "Moana")
Prefix meaning "before"
Own up to
"Caddyshack" ball holder
Promise to pay
Limited-term usage contract
Cognac cocktail ordered by Arthur Ruskin in "Bonfire of the Vanities"
Actor Ed of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show"
Ohio hometown of LeBron James
"If I may interject ... "
"I Fall to Pieces" singer Cline
White-bellied ocean predator
1975 Wimbledon champion Arthur
"Be happy to!"
Pampering treatment, for short
"C'est la ___!"
Carrie Bradshaw's cocktail in "Sex and the City," for short
In addition
Hearing organ
"Waterloo" pop music quartet
"Confound it!"
Feminine suffix
Percussion instruments in Buddhist temples
"Club Can't Handle Me" rapper Flo ___
Dick Grayson's alter ego in Batman comics
Tending to bungle things
Shaken (not stirred) cocktail in James Bond films
Clothesline alternative
Night course for a non-native speaker (Abbr.)
Actor Castellaneta who voices Homer Simpson
Like a run-down motel
Nintendo's Super ___ game console
Place for a mineral scrub
"___ Always Sunny in Philadelphia"
May Day garland worn on Maui
"When the Levee Breaks" rock band ___ Zeppelin
Overly fastidious
Stadium sound heard after scoring a touchdown
Currency named for a continent
In the style of, on menus (2 wds.)
Cul-___ (dead-end street) (Hyph.)
Cocktail that Marilyn Monroe mixes in a hot water bottle in "Some Like It Hot"
"Oh, that's how it is!" (2 wds.)
Four years for a U.S. president, e.g.
"At ___, soldier!" (drill sergeant's command)
"The Wonder Years" mom
Cover with asphalt
Tibet's continent
Cocktail touted as a hangover cure in "Cocktail" (2 wds.)
"Hi Infidelity" rock band ___ Speedwagon
Like a designated driver
Flash drive PC port
"Treasure Island" pirate ___ John Silver
Gear teeth
Pet with a scratching post
"___ call us, we'll call you"
Wrapped, as a sprained ankle
Former Lena Dunham HBO series
Clears (of)
Words that may start a memo heading (2 wds.)
Black cat or broken mirror, to some
First, in "Who's on First?"
J. Lo's "Promise Me You'll ___"
Employee badges, for short
Food Network host Garten