November 25 2021, Daily Pop Crosswords

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___ constrictor (big snake)
"Mad ___: Fury Road" (2015 Charlize Theron film)
Good name for a Dalmatian
Like verbs such as "do," "be," and "go" (Abbr.)
"Can you ___ me now?"
Golfer's doodad
One-named "This Is Acting" singer
Very, very dark
1942 musical film with the song "I've Got Plenty to Be Thankful For" (2 wds.)
Kid's tea party attendees
Actress Teri of "Mr. Mom"
Llama kin known for its silky wool
Composer who wrote the songs for 17-Across (2 wds.)
Apple tablet
First wee hour (2 wds.)
Crooner who sings "I've Got Plenty to Be Thankful For" in the Thanksgiving scene of 17-Across (2 wds.)
College faculty member, informally
Fresh from the oven
"Longmire" actor ___ Diamond Phillips
Connections with the powers that be
"Raiders of the Lost Ark" nickname
Base for some non-dairy milks
Tale of ___ (sob story)
Two out of two
Cookie with a limited edition apple cider donut flavor
One of Eve's sons
Perform ineptly
Simple sans-serif font
Hospital area for diagnostic images (2 wds.)
Vulnerable bone for a soccer player
Actor Sean of "Milk"
Country music's ___ Ridge Boys
Take a shot at
Actor Elba of "Cats"
"Every summer we can rent a cottage / In the ___ of Wight, if it's not too dear" ("When I'm Sixty-Four" lyrics)
Jazz poet in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ___ Scott-Heron
"___ you for real?"
Trailer park parkers, for short
Swiss mountain
"The Bourne Identity" spy org. (Abbr.)
"Not to mention ... "
Gas in some bright signs
___ Khan (ancient Mongol leader)
Prefix suggesting low prices
Culturally pretentious
"The ___ and the Beautiful" (CBS soap opera since 1987)
Barbecue joint side dish
Police department alert acronym
Christmas season
___ Beta Kappa (honor society)
Sought a political seat