November 24 2022, Daily Pop Crosswords

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Rating symbol for many a movie critic
"Gimme a ___!" ("Just a moment!")
Former TV series starring Tony Shalhoub as a detective with anxiety disorders
Capital Hill assistant
Slip up
Natural lotion additive
Deli meat typically served on rye
Japanese soup noodles
Puerto Rican actress who achieved the Triple Crown of Acting (winning Oscar, Tony, and Emmy awards) in 1977 (2 wds.)
Actor Cox who plays Logan Roy on HBO's "Succession"
Hoppy brew, for short
German automaker with a four-ring logo
In sound mental health
"Always Be My Maybe" actress/writer Wong
British actress who achieved the Triple Crown of Acting in 2018 (2 wds.)
Blue area on a map
Human rights lawyer Clooney
FBI operation
Student-focused school group (Abbr.)
Slightly sloshed
American actress who achieved the Triple Crown of Acting in 2016 (2 wds.)
Continent whose name sounds like the answer to 26-Down
"You're in good hands" insurance company
"Money ___ everything"
Degree for many execs (Abbr.)
"And others," in a list (2 wds.)
Blue area on a map
Down in the dumps
Long part of a guitar
Sticky stuff on a tree trunk
Spanish aunt
Skip ___ (button on some YouTube videos)
Prepare for a career change, possibly
Theater ticket specification
"At Wit's End" writer Bombeck
"___ Minds" (CBS police drama that ran for 15 seasons)
"The Affair" actress Tierney
Merrie ___ England
Number-picking bar game
___ Tin Tin (classic movie canine)
Oil cartel acronym
___ of thumb
Writer's block breakthrough
Beer brand named for a Revolutionary War figure, familiarly (2 wds.)
1977 Steely Dan album whose name sounds like the answer to 43-Across
"Right away!" letters
Peter's wife on "Family Guy"
Archaeologist played by Harrison Ford, familiarly
"Star Trek: The Next Generation" android
"Bridesmaids" actress Wiig
Dinner dish
"___ better to have loved and lost ... "
Colorado ski resort in the Rocky Mountains
"Insecure" creator Rae
Noise from a pet pig
"L.A.'s Finest" actress Jessica
Baseball slugger Guerrero Jr., familiarly
"The dog ___ my homework"
Broad-antlered deer