November 22 2020, Daily Pop Crosswords

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___ Romeo (Italian sports car)
Mitch Albom's "Tuesdays ___ Morrie"
Corporate executives (Abbr.)
Burt's Bees product
"An ___ in the Bone" (Diana Gabaldon's seventh "Outlander" novel)
Beer that may be pale or dark
First novel in 29-Across's Great Plains trilogy (2 wds.)
Club for the supersmart
Thomas More work about a perfect society
Sandwich that may be held together with a fancy toothpick, for short
Needing a hug, maybe
"The Little Prince" by Antoine de ___-Exupéry
Fenway Park corners
"Cold Sassy ___" (Olive Ann Burns novel)
American novelist who wrote the Great Plains trilogy of 15-Across, "The Song of the Lark," and 45-Across (2 wds.)
Punch ___ (end of a joke)
"The ___ Wife" (Paula McLain novel set in 1920s France)
Raised church area
Mad scientist's workshop
___-I-Am of "Green Eggs and Ham"
Tried to lose weight
Disappear slowly but surely
Bear's hibernation spot
Final novel in 29-Across's Great Plains trilogy (2 wds.)
Last letter of most plural words
Southern veggie that may be deep-fried
Cowardly character in "The Wizard of Oz"
Waze suggestion (Abbr.)
Cry one's eyes out
"___ Week Tonight with John Oliver" (HBO news satire series)
Manhattan Project weapon (Hyph.)
Spot for an awareness ribbon
Michigan city northwest of Detroit
"Silent All These Years" singer Tori
___ Willie Winkie (nursery rhyme runner)
Cooler cubes
Drive-___ window
Party throwers
Anne Rice's Lestat, for one
Having fewer frills
Impeachment hearings setting
Like a twangy voice
Courtroom pledges
"Make it snappy," in memos
Stick-on design
Sheepish peep
Novelist Paretsky who writes the V.I. Warshawski mystery series
Most cunning
Very strong, as emotions
Dalai Lama's homeland
Treehouse access
Cut even shorter, as grass
Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor
"Farewell, amigo!"
___ to be (destined)
"The Dick Van ___ Show" (classic sitcom)
One of three in a Yahtzee turn
Judy Blume's "___ You There God? It's Me, Margaret"
Quick snooze