May 15 2019, Daily Pop Crosswords

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Maker of the FunSaver disposable camera
"Into the Badlands" cable network
___ and Driver magazine
Photoshop software company
Slangy "Forget it!"
Chicken ___ king (2 wds.)
"___ the Worst" (TV dramedy whose final episode aired in 2019)
Classic Monopoly token (1935 to 2017)
Specialty of 42-Across
Barnyard mama
Letter that may have attachments
Actor LaBeouf of the "Transformers" films
"___ Kiss" (Faith Hill hit song)
System of 18-Across and tidying up developed by 42-Across (2 wds.)
Wall Street debut (Abbr.)
New York gallery that's home to van Gogh's "Starry Night," familiarly
Butterfingers' cry
Spanish mister
The "G" of "LGBTQ"
Japanese 18-Across consultant whose 32-Across encourages people to keep only the things that "spark joy" (2 wds.)
"Jurassic World: Fallen ___" (2018 sequel)
"___ Happen" (1983 hit song by Yes) (2 wds.)
Flightless zoo bird
Erma Bombeck's "If Life ___ Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing in the Pits?" (2 wds.)
"Spider-Man" trilogy director Sam
"___ so fast!"
Mac software platform
Entry in a ledger's plus column
Bout-ending blow
Air Wick target
Philadelphia Eagles head coach Pederson
First name at Mount Rushmore
Carolyn ___, pseudonym of the Nancy Drew writers
1998 animated film with talking bugs
When doubled, fish often used in fish tacos
Takeout choice
Stereotypically yellow vehicle
The whole lot
Actress Miranda ___ Mayo of TV's "Chicago Fire"
___ Grand (Las Vegas casino)
Emcee's monologue, for short
"Horton Hears ___!" (Dr. Seuss book) (2 wds.)
Waffle House rival
Young chaps
Hits the slopes
Arkansas birthplace of Bill Clinton
Part of, as a private joke (2 wds.)
"Get ___ to the Greek" (2010 Jonah Hill comedy)
The Sharper ___ (lifestyle products retailer)
Medium that's mostly talk (2 wds.)
Prius and Camry
Texter's "No way!"
"Rashomon" director Kurosawa
Monica's brother on "Friends"
National Air and Space Museum film format
Mark Harmon TV drama
"The Hunchback of Notre ___"
Sleep ___ (take some time to decide) (2 wds.)
"The Last Samurai" Oscar nominee Watanabe
Shorthand for "If you ask me"
Cashew or pecan