May 14 2022, Daily Pop Crosswords

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Faulty fireworks
Tennis match components
Electrician's supply
"While you're ___ ... " (2 wds.)
Related (to)
October birthstone
Forward for the 48-Across who scored 15 points and had 10 rebounds in the 2022 NCAA men's basketball championship game (2 wds.)
Freebie in a hotel bathroom
Moves very carefully
Country whose team of golfers won the 2021 Ryder Cup (Abbr.)
Actress Madeline of "Young Frankenstein"
Hall of Famer Molitor who was the 1993 World Series MVP
"Proud Mary" singer Turner
Masters Tournament org. (Abbr.)
Shooting guard for the 48-Across who scored 12 points and had 12 rebounds in the 2022 NCAA men's basketball championship game (2 wds.)
___ Francisco Giants
Swimming symbols of slipperiness
2021 award for NBC's "Sunday Night Football"
Four-time Gold Glove winner Boone whose father and grandfather also played in the MLB
Animal's muzzle
Romanian tennis player Ilie who won two major championships in the 1970s
Big 12 powerhouse that earned its fourth NCAA men's basketball championship with a come-from-behind win over the North Carolina Tar Heels (2 wds.)
Not working
Vatican leader
Baby bird's sound
Week components
Votes in favor
Countercurrent in a whitewater kayak run
Family members honored in June
Home state of the NBA's Jazz
Opera star
Actions that trigger responses
American ___ (U.S. territory in the South Pacific)
Kitchen gadget brand
___-Cat (winter vehicle)
Ariana Grande's "God Is a ___"
Hoppy pub choices (Abbr.)
The Kentucky Derby, for one
Edmonton ___ (Canadian Football League team that has won the Grey Cup 14 times)
MLB outs that often involve three infielders (Abbr.)
Post-injury regimen
Some Korean cars
___ Arbor (home of Michigan's Wolverines)
Alternatives to Macs, for short
"I finally caught you!"
Large coffee dispenser
Lean just a bit
ESPN broadcaster and former tennis star Shriver
Wrigley product
No particular one
Perfect Sleeper mattress maker
Golf hole starting point
Symbol of bureaucracy (2 wds.)
Transports for minor league ballplayers
12-time NBA All-Star Elvin in the Basketball Hall of Fame
Tennis star Barty, to fans
Lose control on the ice
"De ___" ("Gracias" response)
California wine region
Profoundly impressed
List of games for the season, informally
Cable TV sports award since 1993
Undercover agent
___ Bruin (UCLA mascot)