March 26 2020, Daily Pop Crosswords

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Air Wick target
Missy Elliott's music genre
Six-pack muscles, for short
Edible ice cream holder
End of some citrus beverage names
Miss Piggy's favorite French pronoun
Sci-fi franchise featuring 39-Across as the voice of Sentinel Prime
Stand up for (oneself)
Bills not found in ATMs
Some pottery class projects
Poorly crafted
"The Book of ___" (2010 Denzel Washington film)
Stadium section
Sci-fi franchise featuring 39-Across as Spock (2 wds.)
Natural lotion additive
___ foo yung
Eat like a bird (2 wds.)
Bit of broccoli or asparagus
Ready, willing, and ___
Sensational publicity
Subject of the documentary "For the Love of Spock" who also has an asteroid named for him (2 wds.)
"___ Doubtfire" (Robin Williams comedy)
"Love Is a Battlefield" singer Benatar
"You betcha!"
Ended a fast
Minister's title (Abbr.)
Reason to call 911 (Abbr.)
Eight note interval on a music scale
___ fin (shark feature)
"The Greek Tycoon" role for Anthony Quinn
Actress Zellweger of "Jerry Maguire"
Whitewater transportation
"And now, without further ___ ... "
"One ___ customer"
Change, as a constitution
Yawning in class, say
Actress Spacek of "The Old Man & the Gun"
Most AARP members (Abbr.)
Roger who was the oldest actor to play James Bond
Webmaster's creation
"That girl?"
"Hot to ___" (1988 Bobcat Goldthwait film featuring a talking horse)
"Is this seat ___?"
State that borders the Florida panhandle (Abbr.)
Say nothing (2 wds.)
In large amounts
Showing more signs of age, in a way
"The Untouchables" director Brian De ___
Former "At the Movies" co-host Roger
"___ Encounters of the Third Kind"
Prince George, to Prince William
Self-composure under pressure
Man cave centerpiece, briefly
Month for taxes (Abbr.)
"The Facts of Life" actress Charlotte