March 13 2023, Daily Pop Crosswords

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Chicken of the Sea canned fish
Honor student's concern, for short
Going ___ (fighting) (2 wds.)
First-class (Hyph.)
"That's a ___ to take in!"
Actress Lucille of "I Love Lucy"
Gorilla or chimpanzee (2 wds.)
"Boardwalk Empire" actor who plays Pete Strickland on "Perry Mason" (2 wds.)
One-named singer with many music videos starring Maddie Ziegler
Degrees for some entrepreneurs (Abbr.)
Batteries for many small electronics
Abbreviation on a car tire
No longer together
"American Gothic" actress who plays Della Street on "Perry Mason" (2 wds.)
Actress Amy of HBO's "Sharp Objects"
MSN alternative
Comic actor DeLuise
"The ___ of the Ancient Mariner"
Top part of a semicolon
"The Americans" actor who plays the title role on "Perry Mason" (2 wds.)
Big element of a sloop's rigging
Overhanging part of a roof
"Choose Your ___ Adventure" (series of children's books)
Does some basic arithmetic
Taphouse beers
"The Winchesters" actress Donnelly
Actress/writer Issa of HBO's "Insecure"
Reggae pioneer Peter
Multitasker's browser array
Zion National Park's state
"Death on the ___" (Kenneth Branagh film based on an Agatha Christie novel)
Book of maps
Actress Spelling who played Donna on "Beverly Hills, 90210"
Universal blood donor's type, for short (2 wds.)
Casual agreement
Flamboyantly dressed rock group (2 wds.)
Soda, to a Midwesterner
Had food
Florida city near St. Petersburg
Frequent purchase with diapers
Name on West Coast filling stations
Part of a rose that has thorns
What a door is when it's not a door, in an old joke
German luxury car company
Crashing (into)
Tax-deferred nest egg, for short
"That is to say ... " (2 wds.)
Sings an alpine melody
"Trick or ___!"
Old Russian monarch
"And that's how it's done!" (Hyph.)
Angel's overhead circle
The "Y" of fashion's "YSL"
Meeting, informally
Marge Simpson, to Lisa, Bart, and Maggie