June 12 2019, Daily Pop Crosswords

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Suffer after a yoga class, say
Program opened with a fingertip
Lingerie brand
"Lip Sync Battle" co-host LL ___ J
Honda or Hyundai
Lindros in the Hockey Hall of Fame
HBO anthology crime drama starring 47-Across in 2019 (2 wds.)
Twilled suit fabric
Word before "hole" or "holder"
Mighty Dog shelfmate
Actor Burton who played Geordi La Forge on "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
2016 film for which 47-Across won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar
Giants quarterback Manning
May, to Peter Parker of "Spider-Man"
Before, in poetry
___ and sciences
Seattle clock setting (Abbr.)
2018 film for which 47-Across won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar (2 wds.)
Tend, as a fire
Disparaging remark
Hammock snooze
"___ Eagles" (Robert Redford/Debra Winger film)
15-Across, 27-Across, and 36-Across actor whose first major role was on TV's "Crossing Jordan" (2 wds.)
Sheltered from the wind, at sea
Charlie, to Martin Sheen
"Cut that out!"
"Field of Dreams" actor James ___ Jones
Value of a Q tile, in Scrabble
Golfer's pegs
"Hamlet" has five
Apple eater's discard
"Darkest ___" (2017 film with six Oscar nominations)
Gracefully refined
Blackjack card that can be either one or eleven
"___ the Bunny" (touch-and-feel baby book)
Shortened word in some private-school names
Singer/actress Midler known as "The Divine Miss M"
Shapiro who co-hosts NPR's "All Things Considered"
"iZombie" zombie played by Rose McIver
Cubes in a freezer tray
"The Farmer in the ___" (nursery rhyme)
Indianapolis NFL player
Santa Monica attraction
Scary beasts
___ Beach, Florida
Voice part in four-part harmony
Board game of world domination
Glove compartment items, in pre-GPS days
Remove from office
"I'm ___ your tricks!"
Command to a dog
Keep ___ of (stay current with)
LA ___ (California-based shoe company)
___ and void
Prepare to pray
"Hey you!" in a library whisper
Airport boarding zone
Plant that yields a healing juice
"Our ___ Are Sealed" (hit song by the Go-Go's)
"Good Girls" actress Whitman
State between Mississippi and Georgia (Abbr.)
That lady
Garden clod chopper
___ Taylor Loft (clothing chain)