January 14 2021, Daily Pop Crosswords

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"Mad Men" actress Elisabeth
Material for beach castles
Education acronym for four fields of study
"Still sleeping?" response (2 wds.)
Skin lotion ingredient
The Hawkeyes of college sports
Actor who played Archie Bunker on 56-Across (2 wds.)
Struck with a low blow
"Chasing Cars" rock band ___ Patrol
Pie in the ___
Make changes to, as a manuscript
"Michael Collins" actor Stephen
"Kill Bill" actress Thurman
Future attorney's exam (Abbr.)
"If the ___ fits ... "
Actress who played Gloria Stivic on 56-Across (2 wds.)
Brand of athletic footwear
Ill at ___ (uncomfortable)
Acrobat's safety feature
"Monsters, Inc." girl
Rank for detectives in many British crime shows (Abbr.)
___-Man (arcade game)
Say "Watch it" to
Pokes around on the Internet
Norman Lear sitcom starring 16-Across and 35-Across that debuted in January 1971 (4 wds.)
"The Big Lebowski" director Joel
Word on a mall map
School support groups (Abbr.)
Prince Harry's prep school
Freelance enclosure (Abbr.)
Email category
The Rolling Stones lead singer Jagger
Country at the tip of the Arabian Peninsula
Adam Lambert's "___ Fire Winners"
Spendthrift's outing
"Do the Right Thing" pizzeria owner played by Danny Aiello
"Good Hands" insurance company
Lunch hour, for some
Focus of most HGTV renovation shows
Sunday sermon subject
Lots and lots
Furry "Star Wars" creature who worshiped C-3PO
"Weeds" actress ___-Louise Parker
Not in an expected way
"Thanks, I ___ you one"
Long-term astronaut's home in orbit (Abbr.)
Bonfire remnant
TV network of "Suits" and "Monk"
Big D hoopster, to fans
"Hard Knock Wife" stand-up comedian Wong
Fitness experts at a gym
"Little red" bird of folklore
Metal from a mine
Contractor's quote (Abbr.)
Chocolate dog, for short
Military branch with SEALs (Abbr.)
Actress Thompson who plays Valkyrie in "Thor: Ragnarok"
TV network founded by Oprah
Solemn promises
Some Christian Louboutin products
Salsa brand with a sun logo
Quite a bit (2 wds.)
Egyptian queen played by Elizabeth Taylor, informally
Actress Perlman of "The Mindy Project"
Bat mitzvah, for one
Caramel-topped custard dessert
The "S" of "TBS" and "CBS" (Abbr.)
Quaint stopover
Broker's charge