February 23 2021, Daily Pop Crosswords

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Vehicle Radar O'Reilly tries to mail home piece by piece
Stick in one's ___ (cause deep resentment)
Surface under a mouse
Norwegian city on a fjord
Greeting in Granada
"Charlie's Angels" actress Lucy
2018 Top 10 hit song by The Weeknd included on 49-Across (4 wds.)
___ Lumpur, Malaysia
Like a spiteful gossip
Eerie night sky sighting, for short
"Sounds exciting!" (2 wds.)
Heavy metal band "infesting" a home in GEICO commercials
From corner to corner (Abbr.)
In the style of, on menus (2 wds.)
2016 Top 10 hit song by The Weeknd and Daft Punk included on 49-Across (4 wds.)
Soak up some rays
Rihanna album that won Favorite Soul/R&B Album at the 2016 American Music Awards
Lyricist Gershwin and guitarist Kaplan
"Backdraft" crime
"Leader of the Band" singer Fogelberg
Put forth, as a theory
Martini & ___ (vermouth brand)
2021 greatest hits album by The Weeknd (2 wds.)
Golfer Michelle who won the 2014 U.S. Women's Open
"You've Got Mail" director Ephron
Illegal highway maneuvers, for short
Like every other number
Pub ___ (casual fare)
"La La Land" Best Actress Oscar winner Stone
Sports anthem album series "___ Jams"
Jacob's Old Testament twin
"Boo'd Up" Grammy winner ___ Mai
Foul the environment
"Crazy Rich Asians" director Jon
Campus military organization (Abbr.)
___ mater (grad's former school)
"Good job!" (3 wds.)
"No cheating!" (2 wds.)
"My ___ Is True" (Elvis Costello album)
Unpaid, as a bill
Clumsy sort
To the ___ degree
God played by Anthony Hopkins in Marvel's "Thor" films
Arm bone parallel to the radius
Reminds again and again and again
"Let You Love Me" singer ___ Ora
Way out yonder
Like most racing bikes (Hyph.)
Hairy "Addams Family" cousin
Corrosive chemical
Capital of Michigan
"The Loco-Motion" singer Kylie
"___ la la!" ("How fancy!")
Singer Grande's perfume brand
Tyler, the Creator album with the hit "Earfquake"
Drive-___ window
Wedge-shaped leveling piece
Wineglass part
"A Black Lady Sketch Show" executive producer Rae
"It takes ___ to tango"
Took cover
Chocolate or yellow dog, for short