August 1 2020, Daily Pop Crosswords

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CPR experts (Abbr.)
___ dab in the middle
Covert ___ (spy missions, for short)
"60 Minutes" correspondent Logan
Artist's stand
However, informally
R&B legend with a memorable National Anthem performance at the 1991 Super Bowl (2 wds.)
Have a meal
Widespread police alert, for short
2016 Disney movie featuring songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda
"The Big ___" (Bogart/Bacall film)
Two-time Super Bowl MVP Manning
Actress Loretta of "M*A*S*H"
A chip off the ___ block
"___ a Wonderful Life" (traditional Christmas movie)
CNN commentator Navarro
Opera star with a memorable National Anthem performance at the 2014 Super Bowl (2 wds.)
Golf course average
"The Old Man and the ___" (Hemingway novel)
___-and-pop store
One with his pants on fire, idiomatically
Sandwich bread option
Media mogul with a book club
Actor Elgort of "Baby Driver"
Lab animal in a maze
Significant period of time
Former name of the country trio with a memorable National Anthem performance at the 2003 Super Bowl (3 wds.)
Musician's asset
T-shirts and posters at a rock concert, for short
"Just ___" (Nike slogan) (2 wds.)
They might cross avenues (Abbr.)
Speak from a lectern
Actress Heche of "Chicago P.D."
Actor Cary of "The Princess Bride"
Blues musician Taj who shares a name with an Indian tourist attraction
Wasn't in the lineup for the game
Leak out slowly
Carly Rae Jepsen hit song "Call Me ___"
Mary Kay ___ (founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics)
VIP with a corner office, perhaps (Abbr.)
Supermodel Heidi
Native of Canada's capital city
___ it in (doing the bare minimum)
Hyundai sedan
Italian city where pizza originated
Distress-signal letters
Geological unit of time equal to one billion years
"Eternal Atake" rapper ___ Uzi Vert
One of 10 allowed in a grocery store's express lane
Doe or fawn
"___ Operator" (Top 10 hit for Sade)
Head covering for a stormy day (2 wds.)
Whiteboard necessities
"King Kong" actress Wray
Babysitter's handful
Arranges food for presentation
"Holding Back the Years" band Simply ___
Straight and tall
Scout's mission, for short
Actor Alan of "Argo"
"___ makes waste"
Vehicle outside a movie premiere, for short
Suffer after too much exercise
Gen-___ (millennial's parent, maybe)
"This American Life" host Glass
Journalist and NAACP co-founder ___ B. Wells