November 25 2021, Crosswords With Friends

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Warty frog
Smack-___ in the middle (exactly centered)
Photo ___ (PR events)
Effortless quality
Big fish ___ small pond: 2 wds.
Homophone of "whoa"
Singer who spells out the title of her 2019 hit "NASA": 2 wds.
Pleasantly entertaining
Pellets in toy guns
Menial worker
Prosecutor's aide: Abbr.
End-of-newscast summary
"Portlandia" state: Abbr.
Lower limb
Singer who spells out the title of her 1967 hit "Respect": 2 wds.
"Pretty Little Liars" actress Peeples
Kia subcompact
Joke around with
Actor Jeong of "Boss Level"
Superhero show about an archer
Places to work out
CBS franchise that had a "Miami" spin-off
"How much do you want to ___?"
Singer who spells out the title of her 1994 hit "U.N.I.T.Y.": 2 wds., for example: Abbr.
Expensive stone
Opposite of naughty, to Santa
Walk-___ (minor roles)
Between the devil and the deep blue ___
"Jurassic Park" menace: 2 wds., abbr.
Drink that gets steeped
Blade that makes ripples in the water
"Take me ___ am": 2 wds.
More than just hearing-impaired
WNBA all-time leading scorer Taurasi
With 49-Down, director of "Life of Pi"
First lady between Nancy and Hillary
Edamame casing
Take a gander at
Woman in a cloister
How someone who doesn't say "here" during roll call is marked
Practical joke
"Watery" last name of singers Frank and Billy
___ Geo ("Life Below Zero" channel)
Neither more ___ less than
Put to rest, as one's concerns
Belief in a God who doesn't intervene in people's lives
Sister of Margo and Edith in "Despicable Me"
Group of words in a sentence
Network's broadcasts
"___ what it's worth ..."
Beer barrel
President from 2009 to 2017
Make moist
Collectible animation frames
Windshield coloration
Status ___ (how things are)
Large decorative planter
See 6-Down
Type of evergreen tree
"___ Ventura: Pet Detective" (1994 Jim Carrey movie)
Put a curse on