November 22 2020, Crosswords With Friends

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British bar
"The Fresh Prince of ___-Air"
Seafood in a shell
"Everything is just ___ remembered it": 2 wds.
Lennox with the R&B hit "Got Me"
Side that often comes with curry
Courtroom prosecutors: Abbr.
Something to repent for in church
23-time Grammy-winning jazz pianist whose first name is also the term for a baby bird: 2 wds.
Part of speech that often precedes a verb
Relative of a moose
High school seniors' exams: Abbr.
Kissing on the subway, for example: Abbr.
Location for a "me" day
"Game of Thrones" actor whose first name is also the term for a baby fox: 2 wds.
Comedian Wong who starred in "Always Be My Maybe"
"Sanford and ___" (1970s Redd Foxx sitcom)
Absolute hoot
Slang term for the Mafia
Former president Clinton
Former 'N Sync singer whose first name is also the term for a baby kangaroo: 2 wds.
Sea captain in "Moby-Dick"
Undergarment made by ThirdLove
Keyboard key that creates an indent
Actress Sorvino who won an Oscar for "Mighty Aphrodite"
"___ there be light"
Situation in which neither team is winning
Opposite of bought
Word after "lily" or "launch"
Canada's only neighbor: Abbr.
Crunchy Italian cookies that may be dipped in coffee
Los Angeles mayor Garcetti
Social networking site for making business connections
By hook or by ___ (somehow)
Person who deals in untruths
Hundred ___ Wood (home of Winnie the Pooh)
Small hill with a flat top
___ puppies (deep-fried Southern side dish)
Scottish family
Hit the ___ on the head (be exactly right)
Caribbean music style
In all likelihood
Spiky high heel
Game played on a felt-covered table
Insect that might live in an indoor "farm"
___ this moment (starting immediately): 2 wds.
Huge smile
"I goofed!": 2 wds.
Catamarans and canoes, for example
Spreads that are similar to jellies
Toledo's state
Jimmy Carter's middle name
"You're barking up the wrong ___"
Provide assistance to
Essential piece of furniture for a hotel room