May 4 2021, Crosswords With Friends

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Ctrl-___-Del (computer key combination)
Give the ___ (escape from)
Missile tower
The "P" in "mpg" or "mph"
Beginner, in gaming lingo
2004-2016 Yankees infielder, to fans: Hyph.
Food that tourists in Hawaii often try for the first time
Random ___ of kindness
Person who's "a-leaping" in a Christmas carol
Actor Ron ___, who plays Randall's biological dad William "Shakespeare" Hill on "This Is Us": 2 wds.
"Everybody Loves Raymond" costar Peter
Reluctant hero Solo of "Star Wars"
"Now I know my ___ / Next time won't you sing with me?"
Urge on by poking
"You didn't need to tell me that": Abbr.
Actress Susan ___, who plays Randall's wife Beth Pearson on "This Is Us": 2 wds.
Where a contact lens is placed
Easter dinner entrées
Green, muscle-bound superhero
Rowboat implement
Smooths the surface of, as a plank
Actor Milo ___, who plays Randall's adoptive dad Jack Pearson on "This Is Us"
End of a maze
Vietnam's continent
Janitorial tool that goes with a bucket
"Unforgiven" star Hackman
Collectible single-frame images of cartoons
Roth ___ (retirement-plan option): Abbr.
Hertz Rent-___: Hyph.
Slangy affirmative
Use a needle and thread
Something you tap on a phone
Zodiac sign that spans July and August
Three-wheeled vehicle for a tot
Potions professor in the Harry Potter films
___ Ness (famous Scottish lake)
Greek letter, or a tiny amount
"Finding Your Roots" and "Nova," for two: 2 wds.
Place to get a new hairdo
Pump ___ (lift weights)
Traditional folk stories
Numbers in the fine print of sweepstakes rules
"I had nowhere ___ to turn"
Actress ___ Pinkett Smith
Use an oven
"Love, honor, and ___" (phrase in old wedding vows)
Drugstore's prescription medicine section
What a slam-dunker might briefly hold on to
Overwhelming tidal waves
What the blue stuff in blue cheese is
Liquids sold in stationery stores
Spice-rich, aromatic tea blend
Resident of Bangkok
Whiskered relative of a weasel
Symbol that separates parts of a Web address
Vincent ___ (John Travolta's role in "Pulp Fiction")
Person on a corporate board, for short
"Project Runway" judge ___ Garcia
"Aha! It's clear to me now": 2 wds.
___ monster (lizard found in deserts)
Washington State's neighbor to the south: Abbr.
Fox terrier's foot