May 14 2022, Crosswords With Friends

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"Schindler's ___"
Source of maple syrup
"Could I bounce an ___ off you?"
Roth ___ (type of saving plan)
Person from Poland or Ukraine, say
Eighth US president (1837-1841), who unsuccessfully ran again in 1844 and 1848: 2 wds.
YOU ARE ___ (mall map phrase)
Surgery places: Abbr.
Aerosmith vocalist Tyler, and 1-Down's father
Chef's protection against splatters
"For Official ___ Only" (phrase on some forms)
Ghosts' scare words
What brown rice has that white rice lacks
Experimenter's room
Colorful card game
Russell of "A Beautiful Mind"
Sierra Nevada beverage
Six-point scores in football: Abbr.
Ear part that may sport a ring
Penny-___ (small-time)
Clean Air Act organization: Abbr.
Intense passion
Capital of Cuba
Life story, for short
Have a bun in the ___ (be pregnant)
13th US president (1850-1853), who unsuccessfully ran again in 1856
___ E. Coyote (Road Runner's pursuer)
___ up your sleeve (secret advantage)
No-show in the army: Abbr.
Back muscles, at the gym
Stop sign's color
Try to find
Actress Tyler of "Ad Astra"
NAACP cofounder ___ B. Wells
Member of one of the houses of Congress: Abbr.
Things you shouldn't do
"Dear ___" (start of a business letter addressed to unnamed men)
"What ___ my options?"
Items for frying bacon
Remnants of a barbecue
22nd US president (1885-1889), who successfully ran again in 1892
Stallion's mate
"Why ___ bother?"
"Ode on a Grecian ___" (Keats poem)
Carry a ___ (sing well)
Share a border with
Backyard place for koi
26th US president (1901-1909), who unsuccessfully ran again in 1912
Male sibling, for short
Hold up with a gun
Feeling you may be "struck" with
Lady Gaga's vocal range
Drink that comes in six-packs and cases
Family, in Scotland
Alluring smells
Glass parts of a window
Be stricken with a virus
Bay at the moon
Brand of fitness shoes
Many miles in the distance
Needed a Band-Aid, maybe
___ cream sundae
Be in the hole, financially
Caviar, basically
Animal whose old antlers are sold as dog chews