March 5 2023, Crosswords With Friends

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Mammal that a vampire can turn into
2012 Mark Wahlberg movie
Pack away
Belonging to you and me
"Hold on!"
"You've Got to ___ Your Love Away" (Beatles song)
Praise-filled poem
At any point
Famous ___ (brand of mini cookies)
2001-2005 HBO series about a family of funeral directors, featuring Lili Taylor as Nate's ex: 3 wds.
Otherworldly beings: Abbr.
Louisa ___ Alcott
Mountain cat
Sugar ___ (band with the 1999 hit "Every Morning")
2015-2017 ABC anthology series on which Lili Taylor played a different character each season: 2 wds.
Unruly crowd
Memorial written after one's passing, for short
Healers' organization: Abbr.
2013 horror film starring Lili Taylor as a mom who hires paranormal investigators: 2 wds.
___ tube (television)
It gets on a chimney sweep's clothes
2022 movie for which Todd Field got a Best Director Oscar nomination
Frankenstein's assistant, in movies
Opposite of give
Spanish "hurrah!"
"Presto!": Hyph.
"___ dead, Jim" ("Star Trek" line)
Yea's opposite
Shows displeasure about a performance
BMW rival
"The Lost World" menace: 2 wds., abbr.
Message on Twitter
Roof overhangs
Try to drop some pounds
Eminem's "The Real Slim ___"
Newsmagazine that named Volodymyr Zelensky 2022's Person of the Year
What an air freshener can cover up
Actor Bentley who played Seneca Crane in "The Hunger Games"
President from 1945 to 1953
"Cape ___" (Robert De Niro movie)
Drug agent
Sajak of "Wheel of Fortune"
Actress Thurman who made her Broadway debut in 2017
Daughter of Peter and Lois, on "Family Guy"
Slang term similar to "groovy" and "rad"
Word that can go before "cage" or "eye"
"___ dreaming?" ("Is this real?"): 2 wds.
Apple model that debuted in 1998
Ryan Seacrest, to Kelly Ripa
Lion's sound that might be heard miles away
"That '90s Show" actress ___ Jo Rupp
"Is this some kind of ___?": 2 wds.
Turns off the sound of
Roman robe
Top part of a rain poncho
He landed at Mount Ararat
"Bring ___" (2000 movie): 2 wds.
"The Lion King" lioness
"Fifty Shades of ___"
Something inserted into the end of a drill