March 14 2023, Crosswords With Friends

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Belly, in slang
Rank for Kirk or Picard: Abbr.
Sink in the center
Dogfish Head 90 Minute ___ (bitter craft beer): Abbr.
The Middle East is part of it
Professional who's hired by taxpayers: Abbr.
"The Facts of Life" actress who competed on "Survivor" in 2012: 2 wds.
Sprained ___ (common leg injury)
Take it on the ___ (run away)
Old-timey poems
Stand-up performer
To and ___
Many: 2 wds.
Game with Skip cards
Portland Trail Blazers All-Star who competed on "Survivor" in 2014: 2 wds.
Farmyard egg layer
"Let's move ___ the next topic": 2 wds.
Japanese currency
Get better after an injury
Carry with effort
Former Dallas Cowboys coach who competed on "Survivor" in 2010: 2 wds.
Be in the red, financially
Be gloomy
"I can neither confirm ___ deny ..."
Lego collections
"___, right in the kisser!" (catchphrase from "The Honeymooners")
___ monster (large lizard)
Wake ___ a cold sweat: 2 wds.
Made crow sounds
Something flicked from a cigarette
"Cherry ___" (hit song of 1990)
Like giraffes and skyscrapers
See 49-Down
Long-armed animal of the forest
Gadot who portrays Wonder Woman
Desert succulents
___ a living (bring home a paycheck)
Slow-moving mammal
Inspirational person
"Can I get ___ this?" ("I'd like to take part"): 2 wds.
Negative side of a debate
Wingless parasite
Doorbell sound
Instrument related to the clarinet
Comedian Michael who's been on "SNL" since 2014
Online discussion venue
Synthetic material that was invented by DuPont
Fudd who hunts Bugs Bunny
Throbbing pains
Places to lift weights
"Stat!": Abbr.
"You can't tell me what ___!": 2 wds.
Weather during a "white Christmas"
___ Arbuckle (Garfield's owner)
___ Jima (World War II battle site)
With 8-Down, nickname for the average guy
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