June 30 2020, Crosswords With Friends

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___ Bath & Beyond
"This is where I long to be, la ___ bonita" (Madonna lyrics)
Chandler's roommate when "Friends" debuted
"I ___ it all to my parents"
"Crime ___ not pay"
Verdi opera about a slave girl
Male cat
Cookie that became kosher in 1997
Short excerpt from a movie
Icy villain played by Danielle Panabaker on "The Flash": 2 wds.
Start of many American battleship names
___ and ends
Michelle, to Sasha and Malia
"Hannah and Her Sisters" star Farrow
Climate-controlling villain played by Liam McIntyre on "The Flash": 2 wds.
Was in first place
Ending for "steward" or "shepherd"
Onetime lovers
Stopped standing
Chilly villain played by Wentworth Miller on "The Flash": 2 wds.
Fluffy garment for when it's a little chilly at home
Up ___ good (misbehaving): 2 wds.
"How stupid do you think ___?": 2 wds.
Kitchen appliance that might have a glass door
"Christopher Robin" actor McGregor
Going out ___ date: 2 wds.
Join with a blowtorch
Insolent response
Jazz and pop singer ___ King Cole
Nonhuman that posts on Twitter, for example
"Return of the Jedi" creature such as Wicket W. Warrick
"Skyscraper" singer Lovato
People such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood
Tender areas on the skin
Inappropriate stare
From this moment forward: 3 wds.
Young actor Tremblay of "Good Boys" and "Room"
Liquids that lubricate
Make acceptable for publication
"Shut yer ___!" ("Hush up!")
Sexual desire
Actor Malek who had a voice role in "Dolittle"
Bird with screech and snowy varieties
Billy ___ Williams
Guy with children
___ White (character in the game Clue)
"The Neighborhood" star Greenfield
They try to get you to buy things
Warm up
Large, fancy homes
Shell out, as cash
Actresses Faris and Kendrick
Images you tap to launch smartphone apps
Small, sheltered inlet
He was slain by Cain
State that presidential candidates often focus on early
Detroit NFL player
Actress Delany of "China Beach"
Work the oars
Gymnast's landing place