June 23 2022, Crosswords With Friends

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Cattle ___ (rancher's tool)
Play a guitar chord
Hawaiian Punch competitor: Hyph.
High-end headphones manufacturer
"Jurassic World Dominion" actress Dern
Fall Out Boy's genre
"All of Me" R&B singer who sold his music catalog in 2022: 2 wds.
"Epic ___ Battles of History" (YouTube music series)
It's related to reggae
Special ___ (undercover activities)
Ultra-strong adhesive
Very sexy
Stay out of sight
Peek at someone else's answers, for example
"Call Me" New Wave band who sold their music catalog in 2020
Go up in flames
Something to read
Maritime branch of the military
"Waka Waka" pop singer who sold her music catalog in 2021
Have a good ___ of humor
Dr. Frankenstein's helper
Try to win an item at auction
Tomato ___ (red liquid that's thicker than sauce but thinner than paste)
Feeling the effects of a cold, say
As American as apple ___
Attorneys' group: Abbr.
"Mr. Brightside" alt-rock band who sold their music catalog in 2020: 2 wds.
Exotic ___ (snake or ferret kept at home)
"No more here, thanks": 2 wds.
Spinning like ___: 2 wds.
"You ___ Not Alone" (Michael Jackson #1 hit)
Brownish-yellow or blue gemstone
Claim to be a lie
Classic sandwiches for young schoolkids: Abbr.
Corner piece in chess
Workplace protection agency: Abbr.
Room to relax in
Wasn't awake
Identifies in an Instagram Story
"The Golden Girls" actress McClanahan
Ornamental vase
Tried one's best, given the situation: 2 wds.
Person who saves the day
Theater format with huge screens
Carbon ___ (exact duplicate)
Valuable prizes, in gamer slang
Wrote by hand, in ink
Cloth you might sneeze into
"The Gilded Age" cable channel
Of a similar ___ (not very different)
Network that airs "The Price Is Right"
"Sorry, didn't catch that"
Slice of history that might be named after an important leader
Actor Aykroyd
"Drips" in hospitals: Abbr.
Organ with a cornea
___ hug (type of greeting between two guys)
Implement needed in a crew race
"The joke is clear, thanks": 3 wds.
Sunny ledge for houseplants
Attack on a quarterback
"___ Don't Preach" (Madonna song)
___ Eats (Postmates rival)
Give grades to
Store whose garden furniture items are all named for Scandinavian islands
Tennis Hall of Famer Sampras
Main element used to make steel
Catch a glimpse of
Network of insurance coverage: Abbr.
Psychic's purported ability: Abbr.
Lard ___ Donuts ("The Simpsons" snack shop)