July 22 2021, Crosswords With Friends

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Cruise ship or canoe, for example
Like a just-used towel
State that was part of the Louisiana Purchase
Lake that's near Superior, Michigan, Huron, and Ontario
Mike and ___ (fruity candy)
Singer of the 2015 pop song "Earned It," which sounds like a waltz: 2 wds.
Actress Jamie ___ Curtis of the upcoming movie "Halloween Kills"
Enjoys a brief siesta
Large book of maps
Sports honors whose categories include Best Upset and Best Play
Devious strategy
"Now everything is clear!"
Connecticut university where Bill and Hillary Clinton met
In ___ (stuck in a bad situation): 2 wds.
"Chicken Soup for the ___"
Dog trainer's command to "lift both paws and stand"
Over and ___ with (all finished)
Prefix for "marketing" or "conferencing"
Victory's opposite
Beings from beyond the stars: Abbr.
Tall ___ (unbelievable stories)
Fine set of dishes used on special occasions
Distort, as data
Sing a melody without words
Singer of the 2006 pop song "Gravity," which sounds like a waltz: 2 wds.
Adele's "Million Years ___"
___ fluff (creamy dessert that includes crumbled cookies)
Capital where people speak Italian
Great weight
Take a break from working
Call of ___ (video game franchise)
Chomped down on
Reaction to a fireworks display
Golden brown, like a lion's mane
___ fryer (restaurant appliance)
Watercrafts like one in the Bible
60 seconds: Abbr.
Propel a bicycle or tricycle
Singer of the 1973 pop song "Piano Man," which sounds like a waltz: 2 wds.
Store whose merchandise is often packaged with Allen wrenches
The Bee ___ (disco group)
Appropriate rhyming synonym of "breezy"
Homophone of "towed"
Right side of a map, often
Pump or moccasin, for example
Singer of the 1976 pop song "Still Crazy After All These Years," which sounds like a waltz: 2 wds.
Game pieces in a cribbage board
Ready, willing, and ___
Sign of the lion, in astrology
Upping the ___ (raising the stakes)
Place that needs to be cleaned
"Jack Sprat could eat no fat / His wife could eat no ___ ..."
From ___ to stern (completely)
Concentration declared by a college student
NAACP Image ___
Make small talk
2011 film title role for Asa Butterfield
"I'll have what ___ having" (classic line from "When Harry Met Sally")
Square ___ (something that's simple to tie)
Raw metal extracted from a mine
"I told ___ so!"
First responder in an ambulance: Abbr.
Daisy Ridley's role in the Star Wars movies