July 12 2019, Crosswords With Friends

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Suddenly change course
Symbol at the start of a Yelp review
Performs in a drama
Run ___ (flee)
"Greetings, amiga!"
"Beat it!"
27-/37-Across won her first Grand Slam title (the 2018 US Open) by defeating this tennis legend: 2 wds.
Mind reading: Abbr.
Quarterback Dawson who's in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
Leave speechless
Hamm who's in the National Soccer Hall of Fame
Animal pal of Tarzan
With 37-Across, first Japanese tennis player to be ranked No. 1 in the world
Person who's neither higher nor lower than you, socially
___ Wayne ("Uproar" rapper)
German fashion designer Hugo
The alphabet, to preschoolers
Bed that might be added to a hotel room for an extra guest
See 27-Across
Pandora station that plays songs by I Prevail and Fall Out Boy
Number of something that's unique
They're often affixed to living room walls
"If I Only ___ a Brain" (song from "The Wizard of Oz")
Healthful vacation spot
In 2019, 27-/37-Across won her second Grand Slam title at this Melbourne tournament: 2 wds.
"___ something I said?": 2 wds.
Temporarily give
Vocal feature of Clint Eastwood
"Rock of ___" (1983 Def Leppard hit)
Historic event of WWII: Hyph.
Florist's container
Female half of a flock
Wild West lawman Wyatt ___
Dark-colored loaf
"___ It Off" (Taylor Swift hit)
Hauls off, as a wrecked car
Mahershala who played Don Shirley in "Green Book"
"Rah-rah" assemblies for political candidates
Q ___ "Quebec": 2 wds.
Half of a ballroom dance
Male turkey
Emergency signal at sea
"___ lay me down to sleep ...": 2 wds.
Mad king in a Shakespeare tragedy
Six-time Oscar nominee Adams
Military meal
"L.A.'s Finest" actress Jessica
Ice-breaking tool
Queen of Arendelle, in a Disney movie
___ 'n Easy (hair coloring brand)
Where a proton is
Sergeant Snorkel's dog in the "Beetle Bailey" comic strip
Part of the skin that could get clogged
Colorful kerchief worn by a cowboy
Wild donkey
Hog with tusks
Appliance made by KitchenAid and Whirlpool
Mr. ___ Wild Ride (Disneyland attraction)
Start of most Internet addresses
Terminate from a job
Drove too fast
"Jacob's Ladder" actress Elizabeth
Actor Garcia of 2018's "The Mule"
Disappear into thin ___
MADE IN ___ (marking on American-produced items)
Female version of "bro"
Where to find the quadriceps muscle