January 14 2021, Crosswords With Friends

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Towering tree with a "slippery" variety
Retired soldiers, for short
Cotton ___ (item such as a Q-tip)
Hawaiian garland often given as a gift
Become fatigued
Human child or baby goat
Very flexible, like a gymnast
"Boo'd Up" singer ___ Mai
2011 Lee Brice hit about a man who's glad he's not single: 4 wds.
Country where Persian is spoken
Puppy's little bite
Sheltered place for a boat
Julie of "Big Brother" and "The Talk"
Pen ___ (letter-writing friend)
2020 Lee Brice hit about a guy "who'd trade his whole world" for the person in the song title: 4 wds.
"Whew! That ___ close!"
Ship-to-ship greeting at sea
Have an ___ of mystery
Religious subgroup
2009 Lee Brice hit whose lyrics involve advice from a long-married man: 3 wds.
___ and Allies (World War II powers)
Be partial to
Seemingly endless stretch of time
Coin in Monterrey or Tijuana
Harsh substance whose chemical name is sodium hydroxide
Sugar ___ peas
Connecticut university where Justices Sotomayor and Kavanaugh earned law degrees
Ground cover sold in rolls
Type of deer found in Yellowstone
Princess and general of "Star Wars" films
Practitioners specializing in home births
Person whose diet excludes meat, dairy, and honey
CNN's "OutFront" host Burnett
Cash register compartment for bills and coins
Feminist Gloria who co-founded Ms. magazine
Brew for a while, as hot tea
As crafty as a coyote, perhaps
"Good" apatosaurus in a 2015 Pixar movie
Actress Garrett of "The Good Doctor"
Bahama ___ (rhyming cocktail)
Cookie that typically comes in a dark blue package
Martin Luther ___, Jr.
Mother of calves
___ winning streak: 2 wds.
Comedian Margaret who competed as a pink poodle on "The Masked Singer"
"___ Ya!" (2003 OutKast hit)
Twisty salted-bread snacks served with mustard
Craft brewer's creation, sometimes
Psychedelic drug known as "acid": Abbr.
Fall short of success
Good at saving money and cutting costs
Old civilization of Peru
Ancient Greek author of the fable "The Tortoise and the Hare"
Mouthwash brand with an "Outlast" peppermint flavor
Commits a blunder
Swimmer's back-and-forth circuits in a pool
Beasts of burden who might wear a yoke
Major credit card
Supergirl's first name
Classic 1981 horror film "The ___ Dead"
Toy on a string: Hyph.
"The Simpsons" character who was married to Maude and Edna